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The harvest or scraping of content from web pages is something many do, few discuss that they do, and some feel it is wrong to scrape content witihout permission..

No matter how you feel, there are numerous approaches to scraping data and then deploy an API. It is something many developers find themselves doing to get the data and content they need.

A new breed of scraping tools are emerging that don't just extract datq and content from websites, but also normalizes and deploys API interfaces for integrating with content--proving to be one possible option for deploying APIs at web scale.

This project is meant to understand the various tools and approaches to deploying APIs from scraped data.


API Måndag – web scraping och kartor

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Veckans API-nyheter handlar om ett nytt verktyg för att skapa APIer baserat på sajter och en användbar uppdatering av Google Maps API.Ännu mer om APIer och öppna data får ni om ni stalkar @andreaskrohn på Twitter.Det finns väldigt mycket data på webben idag, men det är inte alltid så lätt att komma åt den.Man kan skriva egna script för att skrapa en sajt, eller använda tjänster som diffbot, kimono eller more.

I Am Using Kimono Labs To Fill In Gap For Companies Who Do Not Have AN RSS Feed For Their Blog

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I am tracking on around 2500 companies who are doing interesting things in the API space. Out of these companies about 1000 of them have blogs, which for me is a pretty important signal. About 1/4 of these companies with blogs, do not have an RSS feed, which in 2014 seems a little odd to me, but maybe I'm an old timer. I believe that a blog is one of the most important signals, any API provider come put out, right alongside Twitter and Github. Historically I depend on the Twitter account for these RSS-less blogs, but now I'm more.

AlchemyVision Face Detection and Recognition API Released Today

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Today were announcing the public availability of our Face Detection and Recognition API, the latest addition to the AlchemyVision product family.When provided an image file or URL, the AlchemyVision Face Detection and Recognition API returns the position, age, gender, and, in the case of celebrities, the identity of the people in the photo.Organizations across a variety of industries, such as social media monitoring and advertising, can take advantage of face detection to analyze their unstructured image data.This API provides the ability for applications to glean demographic data from images, which can be useful when analyzing a person’s social media more.